Counselors Care Fund

One of the benefits of membership in Three Rivers Counseling Association is access to the Counselors Care Fund. This fund is available to provide immediate financial assistance to students and clients in need.

Grants are made for any purpose that is deemed necessary by the referring TRCA members. The referring counselor should ascertain that the need is real, that assistance is crucial to the wellbeing of the recipient and that other means of assistance including local and state agencies have been exhausted.

Funds up to $50.00 per occurrence can be requested by filling out the request form. Donations are also accepted to the Counselor Care Fund to maintain the ability to continue benefiting students and clients.

  • Click here for the Counselor Care Fund Request online form.
  • Click here to donate to the Counselor Care Fund

Counselor Appreciation Luncheon

TRCA sponsors the Counselor Appreciation Luncheon each year to honor those who chose the profession of counseling to assist those who are in need of service. Additionally, TRCA honors students who have overcome adversity in their lives to be successful and progress academically. Several annual awards are presented at the luncheon.

  • George Pliler School Counselor of the Year
  • Gabriel "Jimmy" Alvarez Professional Private Practice Counselor of the Year
  • Friend of Counseling
  • Student Tribute Award - Elementary, Middle, and High School